Developed by a cohort of Film and Moving Image PhD students at Concordia University, this blog’s aims are two-fold. Firstly — and specifically tied to our own field of study — we aim to lobby the board of the Society of Cinema and Media Studies, encouraging them to strike a new committee that deals with issues of academic labour, with a particular focus on graduate and adjunct teaching. Through surveying and data collection (the specific results of which can be seen below) we hope to demonstrate to the board that there is a pressing need to directly tackle the precarious working conditions facing many graduate and adjunct teachers. The open letter to the SCMS board (also below) details the specifics of this lobbying.

Secondly — and more generally — we hope to provide a space for discussion on academic labour that potentially extends beyond our own field of study. The resources collected on this site represent the beginnings of this dialogue, and as the site grows we hope to involve a diverse range of academics in conversations and actions relating to the precarity of academic labour within the neo-liberal university.

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